What to do if you need to repair a wood window?

Wood windows can sometimes cause all kinds of problems, be it a crack in the frame or bad insulation with a strong draft. And sometimes they get stuck. The double hang models are prone to this ailment in particular. 

Whenever you are faced with the need to fix the wooden window, there are two choices: do it yourself or engage a professional team. We strongly believe that the latter option is the best. 

Here’s why 

First, the wood window repair works might require to take the whole window down. And this feat can only be done by yourself. And let’s make it crystal clear – no, your neighbors aren’t looking forward to doing that on a Saturday night.

Second, if something goes wrong and you botch an operation, the producer might decide to void your warranty which can be a big hassle!

Third, all kinds of new and complicated mechanisms are being used for sashes, locks and other details of window “area”. If you’ve never seen one before, you’ll get lost fast. 

All in all, we believe that it makes sense to hire a high-quality team of professionals, whether you live in Chicago or any other US city for that matter.