Ruby in industries

It feels like Ruby on Rails has conquered the world. From this review, you can learn in which industries this language is utilized.

Ruby on Rails: the area of application

The 6.0 version of Ruby on Rails has brought software developers a slew of worthy improvements. Now programmers can make use of parallel testing, multiple simultaneous database support, not to mention rich text editing.

Constant improvements boost the surging popularity of the programming language. In this article, we are going to explore the whole array of industries where this framework is successfully utilized.

Software development

It would be weird not to mention the area of application of Ruby in the software development industry.


Of course, we don’t need to introduce this giant. In 2012, it bought a corporate social networking platform built around a Ruby on Rails backend, Yammer. Microsoft had it incorporated this stuff into its Microsoft 365 as well as Office 365 enterprise plans, resulting in its adoption by nearly 85% of Fortune 500 businesses.


The given company provides customer support cloud-based services for more than 100,000 companies. Ruby drives the backend behind the services and integrates them with client applications via its flexible APIs.


Ruby on Rails greatly assists a variety of startups as well as key companies in reaching their goals. They appreciate its worthy libraries, to say nothing of its ability to integrate databases.

Crazy Egg

A great number of webmasters make use of Crazy Egg to have their digital marketing efforts optimized. The company utilizes Ruby on Rails for the purpose of developing its web applications as well as other services. Keep viewing this article to learn more about ruby on rails development.


The given company has gained recognition as a provider of marketing-focused services to many of the world’s key companies. The company’s digital marketing as well as web development solutions take advantage of this framework.

Social media

Ruby offers fantastic benefits to the social media sector. The developers working in the niche use the framework’s special mode to rapidly develop APIs. They also make use of its horizontal scaling.


As the world’s number one Q&A social network, boasts over 200 million registered users from more than 150 countries. It makes use of Ruby for its backend development.