Why you should consider buying a proxy service

Crimes are becoming prevalent with the advent of the Internet. These include hacking, data theft, and so on. Many companies and individuals have also fallen victim to these cybercrimes. One solution that is becoming popular today are proxy service, and many companies are making it an essential service for their online businesses.

Proxy is a kind of third-party service which can be used to access a site or an online resource. Usually, when you use a website, it can have access to your IP address, location and the data on your computer. But using a proxy masks these data, and avoids these from being sent to the website. This means that the user can browse the web securely and it also protects you from any security concerns. These are broadly classified into two types: shared and dedicated proxies.

Shared And Dedicated Proxies

It is more or less a publicly accessible proxy service available to anyone for free. One main disadvantage is that it could become overcrowded and can lag and might even crash at times. Also browsing via these can mean added risks, due to the high user base and privacy issues. In fact, it erases the very need for a proxy in the first place, which is to provide added security. These are used in schools and offices mostly.

Dedicated proxies are for private uses, meaning only you are going to use it. This ensures that the user is provided with quality service and high speed along with improved security and reliability.

How Does It Work?

In layman’s terms, one could say it is similar to a gate between the user and the website. The proxy allows only the information from the site to pass through to your side and prevents the website from gaining access to your personal data. It is similar to a firewall in many ways but with extra features and easier accessibility. Moreover, proxy service providers added security to your device.

Also using a proxy, one can access many sites that are unavailable in your region. This is because the website doesn’t know which region you are from since your IP address is masked. So it is very much useful for one to use a proxy starting now.